A series of eight talks by Douglas Martin, former member of the Universal House of Justice and historian.

In this series of eight talks, Douglas Martin discusses the evolution of religion in the context of our capacity to respond to the requirements of the Divine Plan, particularly the current Plan of the Universal House of Justice.

  • What does it mean to say that religion is “progressive”?
  • What are the implications of this evolutionary process for the individual believer?
  • How can a deeper understanding of it help us respond to the Divine Plan?

You may want to use these talks as the basis of a deepening series among friends or family. As a supplement to your discussion, you may find the questions that follow each talk stimulating. And the list of “Further Reading” accompanying each talk will be helpful to those of you who want to delve deeper into the topics discussed. Click on the first talk to get started.

Featured Videos

Talk 1:



Talk 2:

Missing the Bus

Talk 3:
At Modernity’s Gate

Talk 4:
Spiritual Evolution

Talk 5:
Advent of Divine Justice

Talk 6:
The History of Humanity Begins

Talk 7:
The Magnitude of the Challenge

Talk 8:
Where Are We Now?